REStore Design, based in Liège in Belgium, is a boutique that offers various products built with the processes attached to slow design and upcycling. At the opposite of industrial production, each piece is conceived according to the base material and with respect for the environment, which confers a unique character to each making. Creations are based on industrial waste and old domestic appliances, anchoring the initiative into a recycling process that integrates local actors.

REstore exhibits pieces that adapt the theme of slow design into several proposals. The recycled objects can easily be revalidated by complementary pieces built with various tools from the new technologies. From then on, the recovery material can be reinterpreted into a new design object. REstore also exploits ancient techniques, such as air sanding combined with new technologies to create a modern design object. The entire approach of the store is anchored in a social and local conception of design. All the creations are thought in regard of the global process of recycling and revalidation, from the basis material, going on to the employed technique, and ending up at its final form.